What We Believe!

As a church God calls us to participate in His story.
Here is that story.


Creation: God Creates All Things

In the beginning God creates all things good.  The peak of His creation is humanity. Creation is made for its Creator and His purposes; people belong to God and God dwells with His people.  


Fall: God’s Creation Rebels

Soon after creation, humanity rebels against God and falls away from His possession. All of creation is now out of sync with its creator. Humanity rejects God’s ownership and evil, sin, self-worship, and brokenness enter into the world.

Covenant: God Chooses a People

God’s will is unstoppable. He gets what he wants. God creates a people for Himself. God chooses a people. God chose Abraham and his descendants (Israel) to be a people uniquely for Him.  Israel has a unique relationship to God. They represent Him to the world. Israel is God’s light to the nations. Even though God chooses Israel, they continually reject His ownership by serving themselves, worshiping other gods, and oppressing the weak and marginalized.  But God will have a people belonging to himself.

Jesus: God’s Chosen One

God’s desire for a people belonging to himself finds its fulfillment in Jesus of Nazareth. In His baptism, Jesus is affirmed as the one in whom God delights. Jesus is God’s representative to the world. He is God’s light to the nations. He is what Israel could not be. Jesus restores creation to its rightful owner. He heals the sick, calms the seas, forgives sins, and raises the dead. Through Jesus, God reconciles all of creation to Himself.

Crucifixion: God’s Choice Rejected

Just like in creation, people reject God’s reconciliation. Jesus is crucified at the hands of Israel and the Romans (nations).  Jesus died and was buried.

Resurrection: God’s Choice Vindicated

God’s chosen one did not stay dead. Jesus rose! Jesus’ resurrection from the dead testifies that He is God’s chosen one to reign over all creation and bring all people to Himself. He has ascended to the right hand of God. He is Lord. Despite humanity’s rejection, Jesus sends His Spirit to draw us into Himself and to be at peace with our Creator. 

Church: God’s Choice in Christ

God’s story isn’t over.  He is still at work in His creation.  His Spirit is at work through His Church today to proclaim the work of His chosen one, Jesus.  Through this proclamation of Jesus, God chooses a people for Himself.   In Baptism, we are chosen in Christ.  We are joined to Him and called “His Body” and therefore go about His work of restoring creation to its Creator.

Judgment: God Renews All Things

God has set a day when he will judge the living and the dead through his chosen one, Jesus. God will wipe out all evil, sin, self-worship, and brokenness and restore all of creation to its right relationship with Him. Those who are bound to Jesus will be raised from the dead and will spend eternity with Him in his renewed creation.

So What: God and You

This is God’s world. This is His story. In His grace he invites all people to be reconciled to Him through His chosen one, Jesus. Be reconciled to God through Jesus, be baptized, and join God in his work to reconcile all things to Himself.

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